[1]investment (is) the line of connection between performer and their text or their task. When it works it is private, and often on the very edge of words. Like all the best performance it is before us, but not for us. (…) investment draws us in. Something is happening – real and therefore risked – something slips across from the private world to the public one – and the performers are ‘left open’ or ‘left exposed‘.

[Tim Etchells, On Risk and Investment, Certain Fragments, Routledge, 1999.],

[2] Presentation of self in everyday life, Anchor Books,1959.

[3] Nissenbaum, H, Privacy as contextual integrity. Washington Law Review, 2004@BetaSkroz is a derivation of the research in performance risk maximization – for the performers, authors and audience alike – which we started back in 2009.

Croatian National Ballet’s Prima Ballerina, Edina Pličanić and publicist / musician Ante Perković, risked by trying out a completely new performing discipline, and together we created a set of tasks as a starting point of the future performance. However, which of them, how, in what order and by whom will be carried out – is decided by dice – during the performance itself.

The creation of a private world, as the only reliable stronghold within the public space of the performance, actually forms the show in accordance with Tim Etchells’ thesis that what draws us into a performance is – the performers’ investment.[1]

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