Everything must go

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After 20 years of loyal service, adventures and many projects, as some of you know, I am leaving my studio in Ablon.

During my stay, in addition to good memories, I have accumulated many objects, furniture, equipment, materials…

The list is long and varied, but to make it short and give you an idea, there are sofas, a double bed, table and chairs, all sorts of electronic appliances (fridge, washing machine, coffeemakers, dishes, etc …), a wood stove, lighting, tools, carpets, shelves, etc.. etc..

Obviously, there is also audio equipment, a sound system, a mixer, microphone stands, instruments, and some IT equipment.

All of this will be on sale at more than symbolic prices.

In order to mix business with pleasure, I suggest you come to Ablon on Saturday, August 31st and / or Sunday September 1st between 10h and 20h, have a drink and choose the items that will beautify your home, or be useful professionally.

This invitation comes with no strings attached, it will be a pleasure to see you and spend some time with you, even if you leave empty-handed, which I doubt.

Please, feel free to pass the invitation on!

Hope to see you next weekend at Ablon

Sincerely yours