Forest, timber, hardly, quite

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«Sometimes we are absolutely ready. Always at the wrong time, but sometimes it could be the right time. We look at each other and we know. Time to take off our clothes. »

Nora Krstulović & Vedran Peternel, or  SKROZ, a duo that in 2011 created @BetaSkroz, the first performance ever that took place simultaneously on social networks (Instagram, Twitter & SoundCloud) and live onstage, and then,  established Maštodrom, a whole new theatre program for children and young people, return once again to an adult audience.

Their new project entitled ‘Forest, timber, hardly, quite’ was adapted from ‘Book of Orgasms’, an underground cult classic by Nin Andrews, a book that critics claim to be a unique blend of the influences of SwiftBorges and – Buñuel.

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