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Meta Krapp

Theatre and Time.

The very example of those love & hate relationships one shouldn’t get into.

First can not live without the other, but can’t withstand its’ scrutiny, either.

And don’t get us wrong, we’re not talking about the Theatre’s sister Drama. Oh, no. That little devil can sometimes go unharmed for millenniums, just ask Euripides.

Nope, we’re talking live Theatre. Should you try to capture it in Time, it will become something else. A movie, a sound recording, a photo. But it won’t be Theatre anymore. Imitating, of course, that chief pretender of them all – Life.

So, imagine our surprise when we discovered that one of the greatest experts on the ill-fated relationship of Theatre and Time, Samuel f***** Beckett, in his most autobiographical mood, opens with this line:

A late evening in the future.

Not the line one would expect, right?

[Well, technically it’s not a line. It’s a stage direction. But still.]

In the future?

And than it deals with the – past?

What the hell Mr. Becket? What the hell?

You, the, very guy who managed to create a piece in which nothing happens and than it does not happen – twice, you of all people, throw your gloves in and go dancing in the future?

It took us some Time to figure you out, but finally we did. We won’t be fooled!

Here’s the deal: we’re taking you on. We’re going to wrestle with you for the next 30 years. We’ll get in that future of yours, prepared. We’ll have the tapes.

We won’t take any Krapp, from you, him, Theatre or the Time.

We’ll be ready when the time comes.

We’ll make it to the tape.

The Story About Sound

Mala Scena is the only theatre in Croatia which has been producing Early Years shows on a regular basis. For over a decade they have been creating theatrical experiences aimed at children from 18 months to 5 years of age, including: The Story About Cloud, The Story About Wheel, The Story About Light and The Story About Water.

For the latest addition to the The Story About… series, The Story About Sound, Mala Scena partnered up with the creative collective SKROZ, consisiting of French-Croatian audio artist Vedran Peternel and Croatian director Nora Krstulovic. They are well known for the use of sound as an autonomous expressive device, both in their high-tech projects such as @BetaSkroz as well as in children’s theatre shows such as Golden Hen or Weasel In The Attic.

The preparations for The Story About Sound included several months of research with the team of international multidisciplinary professionals observing, as well as challenging the levels of sound perception: their connection with other senses as well as with cognitive and emotional development of the youngest audiences.

As a result, The Story About Sound is the first performing arts project ever using revolutionary Modular Musical Objects technology developed by famous French research institute IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) as well as the Verbotonal method theory by Croatian scientist and founder of SUVAG, Petar Guberina.

For an unborn baby sound is the first perception of the outer world through its mother’s womb. A baby’s cry is the sound of its first arrival into this world. Newborns recognise their mother’s voice, which soothes them.  At the age of three months they start getting excited by the familiar sounds such as bathwater running, footsteps, etc. At the same time, babies start to recognise and locate from where the sounds are coming and their spatiality, whilst the visual perception of space develops at a later stage.

Despite all this, current developmental and educational trends give little space to nurturing and developing our perception of sound, barring listening to music and stories.

Sound however, is far more complex than that.

It transcends geographical area and language, and paints pictures far richer and more memorable than words, images or television screen.

The association that the sounds (including the harmonious and organised sequence better known as music) produce with the listener are far more diverse than any image, word or movement. This is exactly what The Story About Sound explores by using a plethora of sounds: those familiar to children, such as nature sounds, melodies and rhythms, as well as abstract and synthetic sounds.

The Story About Sound aims to be one of the first lessons in the skill of listening: to our immediate surroundings, the ones we recognise and the ones that are new, as well as to our own selves.

Forest, Timber, Hardly, Quite @ ZadarSnova

‘Forest, Timber, Hardly, Quite’ has been invited to 17th ZadarSnova festival in Zadar, Croatia, where it will be performed on August 13th.

When was the last time you were truly happy? Do you let others run your life or do you make your own decisions? Is the pleasure a matter of physiology or trust? Did you know that word orgasm comes from Greek οργασμός [orgasmos], and acctualy means to – mature?

These and similar issues are debated , through a collage of music, dance and remarkable dramatic situations, in the showForest, Timber, Hardly, Quite’ adapted from ‘Book of Orgasms’, an underground cult classic by Nin Andrews, a book that critics claim to be a unique blend of the influences of SwiftBorges and – Buñuel.

According to reviews the show is  ‘provocative and witty‘ [Večernji list], ideal ‘even for people who have given up on theatre‘ [Hrvatski radio], performed by  ‘slick and perfectly tuned ensamble‘ [Kazališ],and therefore  ‘the most successful production of theatrical spring in Zagreb‘ [].

An Orgasmic International Women’s Day

‘Forest, timber, hardly, quite’, a show by Nora Krstulović & Vedran Peternel based on ‘Book of Orgasms’, an underground cult classic by Nin Andrews, will open on March 8th at Scena Travno, in Zagreb, Croatia.

«Sometimes we are absolutely ready. Always at the wrong time, but sometimes it could be the right time. We look at each other and we know. Time to take off our clothes. »

Nora Krstulović & Vedran Peternel, or  SKROZ, a duo that in 2011 created @BetaSkroz, the first performance ever that took place simultaneously on social networks (Instagram, Twitter & SoundCloud) and live onstage, and then, last summer,  established Maštodrom, a whole new theatre program for children and young people, return once again to an adult audience.

Their new project entitled ‘Forest, timber, hardly, quite’ was adapted from ‘Book of Orgasms’, an underground cult classic by Nin Andrews, a book that critics claim to be a unique blend of the influences of SwiftBorges and – Buñuel.

@BetaSkroz vol.2 & DataPorn

DataPorn vol.1, a book that over 70 pages documents first ‘social’ performing arts project – @BetaSkroz, will be launched in Zagreb, on October 4th, followed by a new, on and off-line performance of the same show.

Just two weeks after the opening night of @BetaSkroz, in which Twitter, Instagram & SoundCloud,  were on equal foot with speech, movement or music, this unique project gets one if its print versions.

Show, in which performers take part with both their physical and digital identities, premiered on September 18th in front of live on-line audience as well the one at a secret location inZagreb,Croatia.

DataPorn is a collection of its documentation in tweets, instagrams, photos, texts and – stats.


@BetaSkroz is the first ever performing arts project in which live action and the interaction on social networks & applications are treated as equally valid performance strategies.

Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud, on equal foot with speech, movement or music.

Performance isn’t simply transmitted over the abovementioned services. Instead – performers take part in it with both their physical and digital identities, in front of the live theatrical audience (in an apartment in Zagreb, Croatia) as well the one on-line.

The audience chooses whether it wants to witness the event from the auditorium, via their computer or smart phone, and by doing so chooses one out of the numerous performance facets that co-exist and interact continuously.

Barbiecue, SKROZ

Kolektiv SKROZ priprema novi projekt znakovitog imena Barbiecue, a koji će one upućenije u njihov opus, ali i popularnu kulturu odmah asocirati na spot ‘Black Hole Sun’ skupine Soundgarden.

No, ne brinite, vaše Barbike i prateća komparserija neće završiti na roštilju već u – predstavi, a želite li biti dio iste, svoje Barbie parfernalije veselom SKROZ društvu možete ostaviti u za to posebno označenoj kutiji u kultnom zagrebačkom caffeu – PIF u Preradovićevoj ulici, i to od utorka 29. lipnja do petka 9.srpnja.

Traži se baš sve Barbie-related: od cipelica i četkica za kosu, do automobila, haljinica, torbica i inih čudesa.

Donacije možete obaviti anonimno ili možete ispuniti pripadajući upitnik, kako bi se posljedično i vaše ime našlo u impresumu novog SKROZ projekta.

Autorice vam unaprijed srdačno zahvaljuju!

POP, SKROZ is back in town


POP, SKROZ 2.0 ‘apgrejdana’ je verzija projekta koji smo radili u sklopu 2. Noćnog laba Kulture promjene.

Izvođači i princip su ostali isti, no sve se drugo u međuvremenu promijenilo.

Kako i zašto provjeriti možete nabavite li odmah svoje ulaznice na blagajni Zagrebačkog plesnog centra, Ilica 10 (11-13h & 16-18h ponedjeljak – petak) ili ih rezervirati pošaljete li nam mailom termin i svoj broj mobilnog telefona na adresu

Broj ulaznica je ograničen, kao i broj izvedbi. Njih 5.

Kako je Pop, Skroz priča o riziku, tražimo i od vas da riskirate.

Gdje točno predstava igra javit ćemo vam 2 sata prije izvedbe SMS-om.

Poslije idemo na drink.

Maja & Nora