Meta Krapp

Work in progress

Theatre and Time.

The very example of those love & hate relationships one shouldn’t get into.

First can not live without the other, but can’t withstand its’ scrutiny, either.

And don’t get us wrong, we’re not talking about the Theatre’s sister Drama. Oh, no. That little devil can sometimes go unharmed for millenniums, just ask Euripides.

Nope, we’re talking live Theatre. Should you try to capture it in Time, it will become something else. A movie, a sound recording, a photo. But it won’t be Theatre anymore. Imitating, of course, that chief pretender of them all – Life.

So, imagine our surprise when we discovered that one of the greatest experts on the ill-fated relationship of Theatre and Time, Samuel f***** Beckett, in his most autobiographical mood, opens with this line:

A late evening in the future.

Not the line one would expect, right?

[Well, technically it’s not a line. It’s a stage direction. But still.]

In the future?

And than it deals with the – past?

What the hell Mr. Becket? What the hell?

You, the, very guy who managed to create a piece in which nothing happens and than it does not happen – twice, you of all people, throw your gloves in and go dancing in the future?

It took us some Time to figure you out, but finally we did. We won’t be fooled!

Here’s the deal: we’re taking you on. We’re going to wrestle with you for the next 30 years. We’ll get in that future of yours, prepared. We’ll have the tapes.

We won’t take any Krapp, from you, him, Theatre or the Time.

We’ll be ready when the time comes.

We’ll make it to the tape.