For the past 20 years, the building of l’ancienne gare marchande, or the old freight loading station, in Ablon (just 15 minutes away from the centre of ParisFrance), has served as an atelier for artists from all over the world.


Australian band Dirty Three, as well as their front man Warren Ellis; French band Ez3kiel, and Croatian band Darko Rundek & his Cargo Orchestra (to name just a few) have all chosen the facilities to write, record and perform their music. Numerous visual, video and performing artists, writers, photographers, and designers have also been drawn to this unique creative space. The venue even hosted a birthday party for the esteemed French philosopher Alain Badiou, with the help of his colleague Jacques Rancière.

Ablon is close to Paris’ city centre, yet still completely isolated.It has a history as a birthplace for exquisite art and a thoroughly welcoming ambience. Its stone walls create an amazing acoustic. And, handily, there are no neighbors to complain about noise!

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