SKROZ is an art collective whose work is not limited to one medium, artistic discipline or genre.

It is a group of authors working as a team to a maximum extent (ergo the name of the collective – SKROZ), in situations where authorship is a product of collective work or the ones where the limits of singular authorship can not be determined.

SKROZ was founded in 2005. by director Nora Krstulović and dramaturge Maja Sviben, and today  involves a large number of associates from various artistic disciplines, with its opus ranging from theatrical shows and performances (‘Brutalno, skroz’, ‘Ponedjeljkom, soba 303′, ‘Pop, skroz’, ‘Tamo i natrag’, ‘Tinta, let i topla voda’, ‘Opera za tri lipe’, ‘TV Skroz’, ‘SKROZ’),  to creations in a number of other mediums, especially on-line.