During the second part of the research, we further increased the risks involved by keeping the performance venue a secret, for both the performers and the audience. The actual location – a jazz bar, cinema lobby, gallery and such – was revealed just 2 hours prior to a show. In 2010. the project was selected for the Dubrovnik section of the Perforations festival.

The research of all of the abovementioned risks, in @BetaSkroz gets extended to a simultaneous performance of both digital and ‘analog’ identities of everyone involved – authors, performers and audience alike.

Do Erving Goffman’s[2] rules of performative identities microsociology apply equally to a digital as they do to a physical world? How can those two identities co-exists in what Nissenbaum[3] calls contextual integrity? And last but not least – can all that be examined by a live performing arts event?

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